2020 in Review: The Year of Essential and Sustainable RNG

In 2020, as our country worked its way through the pandemic and toward a resilient future, Clean Energy remained a leader in the journey to a more sustainable world.  When the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close, Clean Energy continued to operate as an essential business through the lockdown. All 550 … Continued

Clean Energy’s Redeem™ RNG Hailed as a Win-Win for the NY MTA and the Environment

Clean Energy’s Redeem™ renewable natural gas (RNG) is “reducing the environmental impact of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) 700 buses and saving the City money,” according to Craig Cirpiano, president, MTA Bus Company. Renewable natural gas “is a win-win for the MTA and the environment,” he stated in a video address at Energy … Continued

Transforming the Transportation Industry

Clean Energy is pushing the needle toward a more resilient, sustainable future with renewable natural gas By Brian Alvarado With global warming and the health of our earth and its citizens in full focus due to the pandemic, anything our industry can do to contribute to our well-being is more important than ever. For Newport … Continued

Clean Energy RNG Reduces Carbon Footprint for GILLIG Buses

In March, Clean Energy began supplying GILLIG’s CNG station with 100% Redeem™ Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). RNG is identical to the conventional, fossil natural gas being supplied to their CNG station today; however, it’s more sustainable because it’s sourced from renewable materials. Unlike conventional natural gas, there is no drilling or fracking with RNG; it … Continued

Austin-Bergstrom Airport Achieves Sustainability Goals with Renewable Natural Gas

The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) is the third-busiest in Texas and last year broke its own record of serving nearly 17.4 million passengers. As the second fastest growing airport in the country, expansion plans are underway for added terminals and gates, a new runway and other major improvements. Along with the continuing growth is the … Continued

KeHE Distributors Invests in a Sustainable Future

Naperville, IL – March 24, 2020 — KeHE Distributors, a leading natural & organic, fresh and specialty distributor has partnered with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE) to add low-carbon emission trucks fueled with renewable natural gas (RNG) to their California fleet in 2020. By swapping five diesel trucks with natural gas trucks, KeHE expects … Continued

2019 in Review: The Year of Redeem

The demand for clean, cost-effective renewable natural gas (RNG) as a transportation fuel continued to rise in 2019. In the third quarter of this year alone Clean Energy realized 6.8 million gallons in new fuel contracts, along with an increase in contracts for station construction, fueling infrastructure upgrades and service agreements. From California to New York, … Continued

The Port of Los Angeles Explores Cleaner Terminal Solutions with Redeem™

Clean Energy is set to fuel 20 ultralow-NOx yard tractors with Redeem™ renewable liquified natural gas (RLNG) at the Port of Los Angeles for a demonstration by the California Energy Commission (CEC) that will examine clean fuel alternatives. The largest port in the country, the Port of Los Angeles was awarded a $5.8 million state … Continued

Achieving Zero Emissions with Zero Added Costs

More fleets are transitioning to natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVs) because of their performance, cost savings, environmental advantages and extensive nationwide fueling network. As of May, year-to-date sales of NGVs surged 43 percent, according to ACT Research. Redeem™ renewable natural gas (RNG) from Clean Energy is an ultra-clean and ultra-low-carbon natural gas alternative made from the … Continued

Everyone’s Talking About RNG – Here’s What You Need to Know

By Sahar Kamali, director of business development, Renewables, Clean Energy Renewable energy comes from sources that are not depleted when used, such as wind or sunlight. But did you know that there is a renewable fuel that can be used to fill up the tank and power a heavy-duty truck, concrete mixer or refuse collection … Continued

Clean Energy Furthers Sustainability Goals with Transition to 100% Renewable Power

As the leading supplier of renewable natural gas (RNG) in North America, Clean Energy helps customers meet sustainability goals by replacing diesel fuel with clean natural gas. When the wholesale power supplier that provided electricity for Clean Energy’s natural gas fueling stations across Texas discontinued operating in the ERCOT region, Clean Energy was presented with … Continued

3 Reasons Why Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Is A Game Changer

This blog was written in collaboration with Longitudes, the UPS blog devoted to the trends shaping the global economy. UPS just announced the largest renewable natural gas (RNG) order in U.S. history. By switching from diesel to RNG, UPS vehicles fueling at 18 company-owned and operated natural gas stations across 12 states will realize a significant reduction in … Continued

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