2020 in Review: The Year of Essential and Sustainable RNG

In 2020, as our country worked its way through the pandemic and toward a resilient future, Clean Energy remained a leader in the journey to a more sustainable world.  When the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close, Clean Energy continued to operate as an essential business through the lockdown. All 550 … Continued

WEBINAR: Advancing Clean Air & Climate Goals with Clean Fuel Trucks

The New York City Clean Trucks Program has launched in the South Bronx! Watch the webinar to learn more. The ‘Advancing Clean Air & Climate Goals with Clean Fuel Trucks’ webinar was co-hosted by Empire Clean Cities, Energy Vision, and NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) with presentations from NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi, WE ACT … Continued

The Road to Zero Emissions Now

The transportation and logistics industry is essential to the quality lifestyle Americans enjoy. But it is also the largest user of dirty diesel in the nation, producing over 50 percent of the nitrogen oxide emissions in the United States. Trucking alone produces over 25 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions, and studies show that air … Continued

Fleet Management System for Time-Fill Fleets

Accurate tracking of fuel usage in time-fill vehicles has long been a challenge for Fleet Managers.  While time-fill, used most often for fleets that can park in the same location each night, has many advantages such as smaller compression equipment, reduction of fuelers, simultaneous vehicle fueling and fuller fills, however, the ability of a fleet … Continued

Realizing America’s Competitive Advantage with Natural Gas for Transportation

In the hyper-competitive world we live in, companies are constantly looking for an innovation or an approach that will offer them a market advantage over their competitors, both foreign and domestic.  For years – and much to the dismay of large segments of this nation’s heavy manufacturing sector – we witnessed this very phenomenon as … Continued