2020 in Review: The Year of Essential and Sustainable RNG

In 2020, as our country worked its way through the pandemic and toward a resilient future, Clean Energy remained a leader in the journey to a more sustainable world.  When the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close, Clean Energy continued to operate as an essential business through the lockdown. All 550 … Continued

The Port of Los Angeles Explores Cleaner Terminal Solutions with Redeem™

Clean Energy is set to fuel 20 ultralow-NOx yard tractors with Redeem™ renewable liquified natural gas (RLNG) at the Port of Los Angeles for a demonstration by the California Energy Commission (CEC) that will examine clean fuel alternatives. The largest port in the country, the Port of Los Angeles was awarded a $5.8 million state … Continued

Natural Gas Buses – A Cost, Operational and Environmental Alternative

More Canadian cities are transitioning their public transportation fleets away from diesel-powered buses and opting for transit vehicles fueled by natural gas, a trend that is gaining momentum across North America and worldwide. This is due in part to government regulations that mandate a reduction in nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gas emissions that harm air quality, as well as a heightened … Continued

Clean Energy Helps City of Red Deer Buses Go Green, Keep Rolling

Following a 2014 study of green initiatives, the City of Red Deer decided to move its bus fleet away from diesel fuel to compressed natural gas (CNG). The municipality chose CNG buses over all other bus alternatives due to their financial, operational, environmental, public health, and mobility benefits. This fleet transition included designing, building, and … Continued

Facility Modification Services—Providing Custom Solutions for your Fleet

Transit agencies, shippers and fleets around North America understand the environmental and economic benefits behind using natural gas as a fueling solution. Even as diesel prices slowly begin to rise after hitting all-time lows, transportation leaders like UPS, Dillon Transport, Waste Management and New Jersey Transit continue to convert their operations to natural gas in … Continued