By Andrew Littlefair on

In March, Clean Energy began supplying GILLIG’s CNG station with 100% Redeem™ Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). RNG is identical to the conventional, fossil natural gas being supplied to their CNG station today; however, it’s more sustainable because it’s sourced from renewable materials.

Unlike conventional natural gas, there is no drilling or fracking with RNG; it is derived from the breakdown of organic matter from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and farms, where the gas is collected, cleaned up, and injected into the U.S. natural gas pipeline infrastructure.

Redeem™ offers a 50% reduction in Carbon Intensity, or overall greenhouse gas emissions, compared to fossil natural gas. Powering every GILLIG CNG bus that leaves the line with 100% renewable energy is helping create a zero-carbon future!


GILLIG is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States. We offer a portfolio of clean energy propulsions including battery electric, diesel-electric hybrid, compressed natural gas and clean-diesel, all designed on the proven GILLIG Low Floor platform to maximize fleet commonality. Since 1890, our dedicated employees have been supporting customers and delivering on promises to improve the quality of life through transformative mass transit solutions. From initial design through final assembly, each GILLIG bus is designed and built by American workers in Livermore, California, who are committed to building and supporting the safest and most reliable transit buses in the United States. GILLIG buses are known for their unmatched quality and have earned their reputation as the lowest-cost buses to maintain and operate. Our products help reduce congestion, contribute to a cleaner environment and provide mobility to all. GILLIG is also proud to create American jobs and recycle tax dollars back into the community to further support public transportation. Further information about GILLIG can be found at