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You know that using natural gas to fuel your fleet is the right thing to do. After all, it’s impossible to ignore the environmental benefits that natural gas has over diesel, and while gas prices have been low recently, you have enough years of experience behind you to know it won’t last forever, or even through the summer.

And, with most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Cummins, Mack, Freightliner and Kenworth offering alternative fuel vehicles and upgrades, you know where to go to get your new natural gas trucks and your diesel trucks converted. What you might not know is what to do about your maintenance and storage facilities. Can you use your existing facilities to service or store natural gas vehicles or do you have to build new ones? Do you have to hire new technicians or is fueling and servicing a whole new skill set?

Working for your needs, we have products and solutions, like the NGV Easy Bay™, which makes your transition to natural gas easier than you think. The NGV Easy Bay, the first code-compliant industrial fabric barrier system, can be designed and installed in less than 30 days and is a low-cost alternative to a total facility modification.

The NGV Easy Bay is scalable and can accommodate a single bay isolation project, or be used to divide a large building into multiple bays. It is retractable for easy storage and can even be relocated to another facility.

Watch this short video the shows the complete NGV Easy Bay install at Lesher Mack Sales & Service in Pennsylvania.

In addition to innovative products, we also have solutions that address your other natural gas fueling needs, including:

  • Employee Training: On-site training for fueling natural gas vehicles.
  • Ventilation & Heating: Recommending the right products and knowledge to integrate natural gas vehicles into your existing facility.
  • Monitoring & Detection: Protecting you, your facility and your workers with a safe and reliable work environment.
  • Compliance: Helping you understand your facility needs to be compliant with local construction codes.

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In a time where we have to be smarter and smarter to stay ahead of the competition, know that switching your fleet to natural gas is one of the smartest, easiest decisions, you can make.