By Andrew Littlefair on

Accurate tracking of fuel usage in time-fill vehicles has long been a challenge for Fleet Managers.  While time-fill, used most often for fleets that can park in the same location each night, has many advantages such as smaller compression equipment, reduction of fuelers, simultaneous vehicle fueling and fuller fills, however, the ability of a fleet manager to track mileage efficiency through fuel usage is often lost.

Monitoring the amount of fuel dispensed to each vehicle is often cost-prohibitive, with a single meter costing upwards of $2500.  Clean Energy Fuels provides solutions to fleets which make their transition to natural gas fueling, or expansion of existing station networks, easier.  Clean Energy engineers have developed a number of options for fleet managers to track the amount of fuel dispensed to each vehicle.


One of these fuel tracking systems was successfully deployed at the Salt Lake County CNG station in 2015.  The Clean Energy Fleet Management System uses a monitoring device on each vehicle to relay accurate information and wirelessly transmit to a fuel management system network.  Fuel consumption numbers, combined with other fuel information and engine performance data, now gives Fleet Managers the ability to more accurately forecast maintenance cycles for their vehicles, thus leading to a more efficient fleet.  This patent-pending solution is just one of the Clean Energy solutions which provides fleet owners better, more reliable information.

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