By Raleigh Gerber on

Clean Energy applauds the California Air Resources Board for encouraging the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach to set emission standards for clean trucks under the Clean Air Action Plan. This includes encouraging emissions reductions with incentives that would recognize low-NOx trucks from conventional combustion engines and reward the use of clean vehicles in highly impacted port communities. Many companies are investing in cleaner, more sustainable technologies and operations because of corporate responsibility in response to a changing society and climate. Simply complying with environmental mandates is no longer the measuring stick. We support setting the bar much higher. That being said, companies that want to deploy clean technologies occasionally struggle to compete against companies that choose to rely on dirty diesel. Incentives can help accelerate the solutions our society needs today. Incentives offered by public agencies and private companies can help level the playing field against the status quo.

For more information, read CARB’s entire letter to the Port executives: