By Andrew Littlefair on

Ensuring over 44,000 natural gas vehicles are reliably fueled-up and on the road every day is no small feat. Clean Energy’s reputation as the pioneer and largest supplier of natural gas fuel in North America is defined by the men and women who apply their technical expertise in providing reliable fueling solutions to each and every customer whenever and wherever they need to fuel up. This unique expertise is gained from decades of experience in the natural gas fueling business. These expert technicians have rolled up their sleeves to pioneer the processes and standards for natural gas fueling solutions and products used throughout the entire industry today.

And no employee at Clean Energy perhaps exemplifies that level of expertise more, than Master Service Technician Ralph Mahmoud. Beginning at Clean Energy in 1997, as employee No. 5, Ralph has worked on just about every part and every compressor in the Clean Energy inventory. He’s seen the technology advance over the years and while the basic processes remain the same, he’s noticed some significant changes.

Compressors today are larger, quieter and require less maintenance than when I first started way back as a technician. Our customers obviously like the reduced down time and for us they are easier to diagnose when there is a problem.”

A resident of Artesia, California, Ralph is based out of Clean Energy’s 20,000 square foot warehouse in Carson, and spends most of his time checking in on customers in and around Southern California. But as a Master Service Technician, Ralph is often dispatched to other locations when a difficult situation arises.

“I really like having the chance to spend time with our other technicians out in the field. I try to teach them something they may not have learned, or even a technique that I’ve learned from my own time over the years.”

In addition to the thousands of hours of field experience, Ralph hones his skills by attending courses run by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and from courses offered at Clean Energy’s training center in Denver.

“In order to keep up with the technology and be able to solve any number of issues for our customers, we have to stay on the cutting edge…we have to constantly be learning.”

Whether it’s ensuring your time-fill posts are operating correctly, or your stations are receiving their routine maintenance, you can be sure that you, and your equipment are being taken care of by the best in the business.

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