By Raleigh Gerber on

More fleets are transitioning to natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVs) because of their performance, cost savings, environmental advantages and extensive nationwide fueling network. As of May, year-to-date sales of NGVs surged 43 percent, according to ACT Research.

Redeem™ renewable natural gas (RNG) from Clean Energy is an ultra-clean and ultra-low-carbon natural gas alternative made from the methane that is captured when waste from food scraps, animal manure, sewage, and other organic sources are broken down, captured, and refined. As a vehicle fuel, Redeem enables at least 70 percent reduction in carbon emissions when displacing diesel or gasoline.

RNG is a drop-in fuel for compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG), therefore no added infrastructure or change in operations is required to switch. RNG is compatible with the existing natural gas infrastructure and can be injected into any pipeline in the U.S. Fleets that have already made the investment in CNG and LNG vehicles can benefit from the use of RNG without any additional costs.

Clean Energy’s Zero Now program provides fleets with an opportunity to lease or purchase new, natural gas vehicles for the same price of a diesel fleet. Clean Energy will also guarantee a fuel price for Redeem that is significantly discounted to diesel for the financing term and will assist with applications for available grant funding to make the switch to natural gas even more affordable.

Purchasers may choose from a variety of manufacturers with either CNG or LNG tanks, provided they are equipped with the new Cummins Westport ISX12N Near Zero engine that is certified by California Air Resources Board (CARB) to reduce smog-forming NOx emissions by 90 percent compared to the current engine standard. The ISX12N features next-generation technology to improve reliability and durability. It recirculates exhaust gases back to the engine cylinders and features a closed crankcase ventilation system to eliminate emissions.

RNG has been a success story to date for the alternative fuel industry, and it is poised to realize greater adoption as the power and performance of natural gas vehicles are proven in new applications. Clean Energy’s Zero Now provides an affordable solution to help fleets transition to fueling with RNG, resulting in cleaner, quieter vehicles that rival the performance of diesel and gasoline trucks.

Clean Energy is the leading provider of natural gas fuel and renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel for transportation with a network of over 535 stations across North America, and delivers more CNG, LNG, and RNG vehicle fuel than any other company in the U.S. Click HERE for more information about Zero Now.