By Andrew Littlefair on

February is here which means 2019 is well underway. Coming soon are two big 2019 grant opportunities that you do not want to miss. 2019 will feature the Carl Moyer Grant Program and a new program that goes by the name of the VW Mitigation Settlement. These grants are available this year and may not be available next year. Even if they are available, funding amounts may not be as generous. VW Grants are likely a 2019-only program. Get them while you can!

Both programs provide grants to scrap an old truck and replace with a new near-zero truck. Carl Moyer applies to truck engines older than 2010. Grant funding is up to $100,000, not to exceed 50% of the new near-zero truck cost. The old truck must have been owned and operated for the past two years by the applicant. Documentation required includes two years of DMV registration records, insurance records, mileage records, and title among other items. The amount of the grant award depends on the old truck engine and the number of miles run per year. The higher the miles, the better the grant.

VW Grants are a result of the VW emissions cheating scandal when VW emitted much higher NOx from their cars than legally allowed. VW Grants are up to $85,000. The old trucks to be scrapped can have engines up through 2012. The program is expected to operate similar to Carl Moyer grants.

Applying for these grants is a lot of work. There is specific and extensive documentation involved. The submittal must be made on time. Some people are able to submit the grant applications successfully. Others appreciate a professional and experienced team to do the heavy lifting for them. That is where Clean Energy comes in. Clean Energy has a grants team that has successfully secured over $400 million in clean vehicle funding. The Clean Energy grants team has a streamlined process that maximizes the grant opportunity.

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